Layout design gives a complete understanding of how to design a warehouse before it is commissioned. Layouts can be tested and the design can be amended based on feedback.

Layouts can be viewed in 2D or 3D based on requirement and if need arises the model can be live with various objects like labor, vehicles and other equipment moving based on pre-defined workflows.

The model can also be used to run ‘what If’ scenarios bringing simulation of warehouse into picture. With this different scenarios can be tested and predefined workflows can be made live to check all conditions. This will showcase all dependencies and the design/layout can be fixed as per requirement.


  • Significant reduction in planning time
  • Complex layout to test scenarios without any risk
  • Preconfigured objects related to warehousing like roofs, MHEs, racks etc. to have as realistic model as possible
  • CAD interface for import/export designs
  • Recording of videos during animation of scenarios

Our WMS is not just Warehouse Management System but also a FMS (Facility Management System) as it is placed to manage inventory as well as entire facility operations.

Every operation that happens in Warehouse is recorded which provides extra visibility to client. For e.g. Earlier clients use to know that their vehicle has reached the warehouse or it is about to depart but here one will be able to know that vehicle is standing outside warehouse or it is at dock or material is getting picked/putaway etc.

Even the visitors and labor attendance will be managed by the WMS which gives us a position to present impeccable reports giving each minute detail.

The WMS is also used by client’s transporters/suppliers to book an appointment with the warehouse to reduce detention.

Various modules in WMS include:

  1. Gate In/Out
  2. Dock In/Out
  3. Dock Appointment and Management
  4. Ordering/Invoice
  5. Pick/Put Away
  6. Loading/Unloading
  7. Labor Skill Management
  8. Visitor Management

The WMS can also be integrated with the client’s ERP to have seamless automation and remove double efforts. The integration can be done via APIs or even emails.


  1. Increased visibility
  2. Performance Reports and Analytics
  3. Complex Requirements like Auto Material Rotation
  4. Reduced Detention
  5. Reduced Ageing based on FIFO, LIFO etc

CLPL caters to many shipments pan India on daily basis and hence it becomes imperative to present a clear picture to our clients. Our TMS solution is seamlessly integrated with our WMS system. WMS gives visibility of all operations happening within warehouse while TMS completes the loop of end to end visibility of all CPL Operations. TMS has multiple modules to showcase every operation that happens before a vehicle reaches the destination and POD is received.

TMS is integrated with our vehicles which have GPS in them thus one can see live location of the vehicles. Our team ensures that all the transactions are updated on the portal regularly by taking help of our drivers in case of GPS non-availability.

Now TMS is not just about tracking but it is a complete Exception Management System which helps us in detecting scenarios which might lead to an exception thus preventing it. In case of any unforeseen exceptions, this system sends notifications to resolve the issue at the earliest.

TMS is an intelligent system which helps in exception management and analytics so that shipment completes on time by notifying about route related information, lane performance etc.

Various modules in TMS include:

  1. Vehicle Tracking
  2. Reporting
  3. Performance Management
  4. Analytics
  5. Exception Management

These coupled with our other systems like Load Optimizer and Route Optimizer ensures your shipment is in reliable hands and reaches the destination on time.

This tool optimizes the network of logistics warehouse as per your sales and distribution. This tool takes considers your current warehouse network along with your volume sales (projections).

This tool also considers whether your network has a primary warehouse/mother warehouse. The output of this tool provides optimum number of warehouses for your distribution network based on your sales projections/actuals and the serviceability requirements i.e. what amount of distribution must be done within a day, two days and so on.

Being a responsible organization, we also take into consideration the carbon emissions during your distribution and thus minimize that while giving you an estimate of your primary transportation and secondary transportation carbon emission. Thus, one can see a clear difference in the serviceability and carbon emissions as per current network and the optimized network.

All the distances are actual road distances and not aerial distances thus giving you a real picture of serviceability and all these are represented on Google Maps for easy visualization.

Load route planning isn’t simple anymore and requires complex algorithms to get the best solution. There are multiple constraints like such as pickup and delivery time at location, multiple hubs, weight constraint of vehicles, truck and driver needs and then some route related constraints.

As the order quantity and SKUs change daily, the planning must be done daily and for this load route optimization must be possible in finite time and at the same time give the best possible trucks and SKUs. What if the best solution is taking infinite amount of time to calculate and the fast solution may not be optimized. Hence, we have developed a complex set of algorithms using industry best practices. We also provide flexible options to the users.   Even if one run is not satisfactory, the user can change the constraints and then run the optimizer again to get the solutions as per his requirements.

The tool can be easily integrated with the clients’ ERP or if needed can work on the order reports created by ERP. The system will optimize the loads and chose the best trucks available as per the capacities. In case there are other time related constraints and route planning is also important, the system will give the best routes as well. This tool can be used for reporting mechanism as well and it can give outputs in either a report format or in the maps to be viewed directly.

1. Powerful collaboration
2. Saving of costs from day one
3. Integration with your IT
4. Deliver insights into cost
5. Optimization in minutes
6. No special software requirement

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