CLPL provides professional point to point transportation service pan India. Our panel of transportation experts facilitate and manage the scheduling, dispatching and tracking of every shipment, ensuring extremely cost-effective and timely deliveries at all times. Our IT Tools provide complete transparency of your every load, so you know where your shipment at any given point of time is. With complete exception management and MIS reports are at your fingertips, so you can focus on your core business while we take care of your shipments.

With our strong regional network across India, you will also enjoy additional logistics support such as order fulfillment and last-mile delivery to end customers which will be taken care of by our short haul distribution network.

Being a responsible logistics provider, we equally focus on environment and always ensure that our carbon footprint is as less as possible by choosing the best combination of transportation solutions.

There are various models in which we operate long haul distribution:

  • FTL Loads

Our Load Optimizer decides on the type of truck and SKUs to be put inside the truck to make it a FTL shipment. Once it is loaded and sealed, it will move to the destination while every bit of information is made available when it is on the move and alerts will be provided  once it reaches the destination.

  • LTL Loads

We have consolidated warehouses where a cost-effective solution can be provided by combining your loads, turning it into an FTL shipment  with complete transparency for each of the loads combined.

  • Milk-Run

Usually milk run transportation is used for short haul distribution where the same truck drops deliveries at multiple points and picks up from multiple points if needed. We provide this facility for long haul too by making regional clusters so that your shipment reach each of your delivery locations and still be cost effective even with less load per delivery location.

Every logistics professional knows that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all transportation needs. That is why CLPL utilizes the Load Route Optimization with various truck types and combines specific advantages of each type of truck by designing dedicated transport solutions to our customers.

Since load changes every day, we have dedicated fleet of vehicles and also on demand vehicle ranging from small pickups to big trucks that can do door-to-door deliveries.

We offer a range of transportation solutions – from conventional trucking to reverse pickups and claims in an environmentally friendly way. We regularly check our carbon footprint and discuss with clients so that we can help them reduce their carbon footprint too.

The various modes in which we operate:

  • Milk Run

We combine multiple loads of different delivery points in our vehicles so that it is cost effective. Vehicles move from one point to another point delivering material may  pick up material in between. Our Route optimizer ensures that vehicles take the most efficient route.

  • Reverse Pickup

We handle reverse pickups which are required by many industries. For efficient pickups, our Route Optimizer decides the route and our drivers are informed of the route they must follow. Your returns will reach you on time in the most effective manner.

  • Multi Depot

In addition to  milk run where deliveries are done at different delivery locations, we also offer multiple depot transportation where our vehicles pick up from multiple depots in an organized way that  so your material which is to be delivered first is not put at the end of vehicle from where it is difficult to pick during delivery. Our efficient algorithms are run every day so you get most efficient way of transportation without burning a hole in your pocket and  protecting environment at the same time.

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