Similar to Air Traffic Control or in general what we call it as Control Tower, this system will keep an eye on all your distribution operations. It is a framework in which all transportation providers are integrated giving you a single platform to check your shipments.

Various Modules in Control Tower include:

Vehicle Tracking:

    • Both GPS and Non-GPS. GPS fitted vehicles have automated feeds coming in regular intervals of time and non-GPS vehicles are constantly in touch with our team to have live status of vehicle movement.

Exception Management:

    • Control Tower will always look for any exceptions that might happen and proactively try to prevent them from happening. Even if some exception does happen, the system will have measures to handle those exceptions properly.

MIS Reporting:

  • All stakeholders will get timely information and reports which are properly segmented so that they can help in analysis.


  • From route analysis to warehouse metrics; all information is already fed into the system automatically which helps the business to achieve targets and present any deviation.

Centralized Control and Visibility:

  • Data is consolidated from multiple sources and presented in a consistent format helping decision making faster and presenting the concern areas.

Helpdesk Support:

  • Dedicated support via ticket management system.

Route Management:

  • Analyzing current route for various issues like tolls, congestion, damage on roads etc. to present a better route next time leading to on time deliveries.
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